It happens quite fast and dream like. I never forget the day I walk down the church isle... and I was so nervous, I feel everyones eyes are staring at me. My parents presence  comforts me. And when I got a glimpse of Julian from afar, looking rather nervous and handsome... Everything else seems a blurr.

The memorable part of our wedding was the exchange of our marraige vows. Julian squeezes my hand and expresses his love and devotion. I never heard so much love in his voice. I love you so much hun!

My ever charming friend, actress Melissa Mendez graces her presence with us. It was the best day of my life and I am thankful to everyone who came and made the whole thing possible and memorable for me and Julian.  I love you guys!

Although, the boxing event of Pacqiao and Hatton didn't dampen Julians bearing, When Hatton got floored out.  =D We also celebrated Manny's winning bout. 

I will post photos and videos very soon. I will have all the copies in 6 weeks time according to my photographer and videographer. Keep tuning in!



The Family Planning seminar was conducted the next day after we filed our marraige license in the Mayor's office. We were late, coz we got waylaid by heavy traffic. Good thing, we were able to get a seat.

The person who gave us a lecture, was kind enough to speak in  taglish ( English Tagalog combined language ). It was so funny, as Juju keeps nodding his head, like he understands her very well. And after awhile, he gives up, and gave me a puzzled and helpless look. Like, what is happening here? When Everyone are laughing at the lecturers attempt of jest. I have to explained with him or he will keep bothering me with questions. It went well and I quite enjoyed the lessons about the importance of marraige and family planning.