ulian and I has been planning our wedding years ago. I never thought about it that much until last month, when Julian booked a ticket for his next visit in April. We both want to the tie the knot. Seriously. Nonetheless, I am excited for the forthcoming wedding. I didn't dream of having my marraige vows elsewhere but Church. After all these years, God has truly answered my prayers. I haven't known what happiness means 'til the day i will walk down the aisle and be with the man i have love so much, as God will be our witness. Now, I know why patience has it's virtue. Our journey of love is a testament that true love do exist.

made this website and blog to keep my family and friends updated of our wedding in May of this year. Weebly is one easy to make. Although this idea came out a bit late. But nonetheless, this would serve as our diary as we thread our lives and vows to matrimony. And one day, I could look back and cherish these moments again and again.

We wanted to give our heart felt thank you's to all of you who have been there for us, and help us throughout our wedding preparations. Julian and I appreciated all the gifts, wishes and support from our dear family and friends. 

I will be adding more infos and updates in the next day or so. The weather today has reached 34deg Celcius. I really cannot stand the heat. I will need a cold shower to refreshen myself and maybe a quiet time in my room...

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