SAVE THE DATE: 03.05.09 - Julian ♥ Earlene

20th April 2009
We woke up early at around 5am. We need to be in the embassy to get the CNI as early as possible. We got there at exactly 7:40 am. Our good driver knows his way around Taguig. Thank you Rudy!
     We went inside the embassy premises. The place is newly built and its made out of billet of steel. Very modern in Architecture design. I couldn't help, but notices the heavy security, guarding the vicinity though. From the steel gate, we were escorted with an armed security guard to the consular office. It didn't take us very long to wait. At exactly, 8am, We were  both interviewed. We hand them the requirements, and paid the CNI fee. CNI fee apparently went up from £
59 to £63. The British currency exchanges as of 09 April 2009 from£1 = Php72. We were told to wait for an hour. But we got the certificate in just about half an hour only. We were pleased to have it early. Kudos to the British Embassy!
     We had our breakfast in Chowking Baclaran. Then, We went straight to Bacoor Municipality Office. We met Tita Nenen, Who was kind enough to assists us. We finish in just barely an hour.  We were told to come back the next day for 'family planning' seminar. Then that's it! We will get our marraige license in April 30th 2009.

19th April 2009
     "He is in heat shock."
     I know Julian tried to reassures me that he will get used to the weather in a day or two. But I doubt it! His first day was great. Although we didn't accomplish anything at all with our plans. We were hoping to catch the priest with his busy schedules. But we weren't lucky enough. We just spoke briefly with his secretary in his office and requested for another time for a meeting. And our meeting with the wedding florist was also postponed as she was not feeling at all well.
     We went to Mcdonald right after and had our lunch. And we went straight to SM Molino to buy some of the things he needed. We went also to Pizza Hut for some pizza snacks.
     We came home tired. My mum cooked us a delicious patatin for our dinner.

18th April 2009
     Julian arrived safely.
     I do admit i got overly excited to see him again. Although he can be a bit impossible at times. But after a year or so, I thought I'd never see him again! But HE is here again, all in the flesh! -grins-
     His ETA ( Estimated Time Arrival ) from Hongkong to Manila has been moved from 18:35 to 19:00. But the plane arrived exactly at around 19:15. Zyke keep asking if his Daddy Juju has stopped flying? The boy was in euphoric mood. He couldn't contain himself and brag with his new found friends in the airports waiting area, that his english daddy is finally coming home. He has to wear his daddy's gifts last year, his england football uniforms. And told his friends, where he got them from. He started to talk in english, and asked everyone if they speak good english like he does. I spotted Julian just in time, outside, wearing a white jersey england football top. And I couldn't contain my smiles. It's good to see him again!
    The day has ended with welcome greetings and warm smiles from friends and family.

PS. Thank you Abby for the sweet present. I do love the pink box and make u. =D I don't honestly know how to put a make up on. But I will try.  I love you my sweet sis! x

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