The Wedding Day - Julian ♥ Earlene

It happens quite fast and dream like. I never forget the day I walk down the church isle... and I was so nervous, I feel everyones eyes are staring at me. My parents presence  comforts me. And when I got a glimpse of Julian from afar, looking rather nervous and handsome... Everything else seems a blurr.

The memorable part of our wedding was the exchange of our marraige vows. Julian squeezes my hand and expresses his love and devotion. I never heard so much love in his voice. I love you so much hun!

My ever charming friend, actress Melissa Mendez graces her presence with us. It was the best day of my life and I am thankful to everyone who came and made the whole thing possible and memorable for me and Julian.  I love you guys!

Although, the boxing event of Pacqiao and Hatton didn't dampen Julians bearing, When Hatton got floored out.  =D We also celebrated Manny's winning bout. 

I will post photos and videos very soon. I will have all the copies in 6 weeks time according to my photographer and videographer. Keep tuning in!


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