Wedding Gown - Julian ♥ Earlene

I have chosen a creamy offwhite corset two piece bridal gown. I love it, when I first laid my eyes on its satin soft  fabric. What I like about corset gown is that, it fits your body, as if, it is made just for you. My budget was tight and time constraint. Julian and I wanted to have a simple and intimate wedding. And I wanted to have a beautiful wedding gown. I have been to many places and malls. I even went to Divisoria, where you could choose a readymade, affordable and beautiful wedding gowns.
        Since I am such a noob when it comes to fabrics.  My good friend, Addis, knows more about fabrics and fashion. We scouted our way back in SouthMall, and we went to check Kultura's wedding gowns. And viola! We found the gown that is just right and perfect for me. The beads works are exquisitely done with a lot attention to details. And last but not the least, I found a beautiful high heeled creamy sexy shoes to match with.

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